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At last have the snow come and the dogs love it! 


Playing in the snowstorm


Digital painting by Betina Hanne

If you are interested in a painting contact her on the link:  DIGITAL PAINTING




Guarding the property!

Visit in Italy


The view over Lake Como

Enzo and Izi

Enzo and Bull in the kennel 

Playing at the beach in the rough sea



Cinnamon and Max playing in the garden

Goliath and Roxy

Roxy,Sigrid and Lola



Hamlet and Herkules is argumenting

Hannibal & Herkules

A satisfied Enzo with Bulls son CR Hannibal 


The price of childrens handlering

Doreen with Twinkle

Morgy and Goliath having a nice time on the beach

Max and Goliath at Barsebäck beach


Bull de al Faree

It´s nice here in the sun!

It´s mine!!!

Hey! It´s my cheek!

Okey!! I Give up...



Hey babes here I come!

Teamwork in the garden

Jerivindi Jaffa "father of Max and Ebba"

Hi bro, let me show you who is the commander her!!

You have understand, okey?

Well, I am glad that you are back...


Hey, watch me! I am faster than you!


The stick with friends

The stick with friends from the other side

Is it place for one more?

 Bonus the happy one

 Zzzzzzooo tired

I love you mum

The choo choo train

Thomas and Jai in the Finnish clubmatch 2006

Thomas and Roxy at the Finnish clubmatch 2006

Despina at the Bergianska Garden in Stockholm

Roxy with "our"Isabella litter in Italy

Isabella and Roxy playing with a frog