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       This site is for our puppybuyers own pics!


Chevalier Rouge Hannibal at Molossi dell´Etna kennel in Sicily 

Chevalier Rouge Hercules "Joshe" at Bordeaux Supérieur Kennel

Chevalier Rouge Kayla 

Ferro and Cassi at Bergh family 

Ferro again

Ebba and Max sister Eclair in Germany


Ivan kosing in the sofa (you have spoilt him Talitha!) 

Jewel at Kovacs family in Belgium

          Chevalier Rouge Kashmir or Maja that her nickname is, living          in north Norway in Fauske with Merete,Tom and their kids.

Chevalier Rouge Jewel at L´Exigence in Belgium

Filippa at Belburgo´s Kennel



Chevalier Rouge Kassimir "Cato" living in Germany


Junior on visit in the spring at Barsebäck resort

Chevalier Rouge Jade

Chevalier Rouge Izotta aka "Ellen" BIR 


Chevalier Rouge Hamlet "Reid" at Malin Gustavsson fam.


Frank is living at Alldog Ranch in UK

Diesel is living with Werder family in Gullarp

Jaques is living with Szös family in Hungary

Ivan 16 month at Talitha family in Holland


Junior after his first showresult Best Junior 

Jason with his father Bull and Enzo    

Max´offspring Otto from Karin Nelson


  Izak is living with his family in Holland    

Jaques is living with his family in Hungary



Hulken and his friend Sumo




(look a like grandmum Roxanne von d.v.Kunterbunt)



Ivan in Holland


Izi in Italy and Gaius in the pic down 


 Chevalier Rouge Ianiz "Junior"



Ferro at Bodens hundpensionat



CR Faustino & Belburgos Ophelia

Chevalier Rouge Faustino "Fabian"

Chevalier Rouge Attila 7 1/2 year old




Jesse "The mud dog" or French Ditchdog... Recognize?




Jesse BoB in Österbybruk

Linda´s Hulken now 10 month!

Jesse playing happy in the snow

 Linda´s "Hulken"

Fabian at Jensen/Eklund family

Gaius at Salomo´s Farm 


Hilda (Max´offspring)