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We have mated our Maia with Siem Armstrong and if everything goes well we are expecting puppies in late februari 2018.


A lot of sad things has happened in our kennel this year, we have lost Ebba, Max, and Fleur and also Fleur´s daughter Kassi has lost her womb after metritis (a infection in her womb). But we also have some terrific news that our Multi Champion Jason is back with us in the kennel after his time with our friends in Alfaree kennel in Italy. Jason will live with us now permanently!


Our beloved Chevalier Rouge Ebonique "EBBA" has left us after a shorter time in disease, she was always our happy little girl even when she got pain!

Ebba should have been 9 years the eight of july, we will allways remember her in our heart´s! Sleep well our lovely little girl...


A lot of things has happened since our last uppdating of the site, Our Max has won best veteran in the French Clubmatch-16! Also, Chevalier Rouge Jason became International Champion -16. Sadly we have not got any puppies, we have mated the girls with different healthy males in four times but no luck. This spring is our hope that we will have puppies running in our garden again, Kassi is mated with Chevalier Rouge Orlando from our litter between Isabella and Siem Awsome Like Me!


Sadly Kassi is not pregnant with Mambo, next planned litter is in the autumn 2016 with Fleur...


Today Jason got his last CAC in Slovenia and fianlly became Slovenian Champion! We are so proud with all work that you have done with Jason Nicoletta!!heart 


Our beautyful Kassie is mated with the handsome Danish boy IntUch Amazonite Mucho Mambo! Both with HD/A and ED/0. If everything goes well the puppies are expected in the beginning of may!


A new year and new expectations of succes with our breeding as the last year! We are planning two litters this year, the first is between Max and Roxy in the spring and the second in the autumn with Kassie and a male that we not have chosen yet! New pics are added of Maja,Iza and one new pic of Max.


We want to thank all of our puppybuyers and friends, especially Kennel Al Faree in Italy for all of our succes in 2015 with our breeding! We would like to whish all a Happy New Year 2016!! Thomas and Kicki


Our promising mating between Max and Roxy was unfortunately empty. Next planned litter is in the spring 2016.


Sadly we have been informed that one breeder in Sweden have used Chevalier Rouge Killian in their breeding! Killian is a very handsome boy but he has been bourned with a brooken tail and would not be used in breeding that the owner of him has been told. We are so sorry that the owner and breeder didn´t understand to respect when other breeders will is not to use their dog with a genetic defect! Shame on you!!!


We are planning a litter between Max and Roxy in the beginning of December! 


This weekend we was in France with Max and Jason at the French Clubmatch and Max became best senior in the Ring d´Honneur of 13 entried senior dogues! We are so proud over that result of our GOLD BOY Max! Jason did not make the place in Ring d´ Honneur but he got really fantastic kritics and excellent!


Last weekend our Chevalier Rouge Jason co owned with Al Faree kennel in Italy became Swedish Champion in Ronneby after only 4 shows, we are so excited and proud! The puppies are now 8 weeks old and they have started to move to their new homes and it´s incredible how fast this time with the puppies has come to the end... 


New pics of puppies 7 weeks old is added


New pics of the bunch is added


We have updated the site with new pics of the puppies they are now five weeks old, and we have got new tools in our adminside because of all incidents from hackers on our homepage! We hope that the bad hackers will let our HP be alone now?


Our site is still hacked, and we are so sorry that we cant update the puppysite with new pics, they have also hacked our admin where we do all updates!!!


Once again our HP have been hacked, this time of a Chinese site!! Whats the problem with this people?? How ever,new pics of our puppies is added on their site


Since our HP once again have been hacked, we couldn´t announce that Isabellas puppies was born! We have added pics of the puppies with their proud mother in our puppysite! We also have got our Jason back that we co-owning with Al Faree kennel in Italy. Jason will stay in our kennel for a couple of month and then return back to Italy!


We have got confirmed that Izabella is pregnant! Puppies is expected in the middle of June!


Sadly our beloved Wivi have left us in a huge sorrow after a sad accident. We miss her so much our lovely little girl...


We are happy to declare that we have planned a new litter between our Izabella and and the handsome male Siem Awsome Like me! The puppies would be born in the late of june (if everything makes well)


The life most be going on, and we will miss our Cinna for a long time.., but we have to present our next member in our family, Ebbas daughter Maja! You will follow her on her new own page!


As you maybe have noticed our HP has been hacked in a couple of weeks, but is now gladly okey again! The puppies site is added with new pics playing in the snow that they thought was a very strange happening in their eyes! Sadly our beloved Cinnamon has left us in deep sorrow after a short time in sicknes...


See new pics of Nanette in the puppysite.


The puppies are growing as weed! And they are really looking nice so far! Look for your self at the new pics on their page! One more nice pic of Max is also added on his page.


We have x-rayed Wiwi and Kassie with great results, Kassie got free hips and elbows and Wivi got A/C on her hips but 2 on her both elbows becuase of her limpingproblem as a youngster! We have also added new pics of our three new puppies on their site


After a very looong waiting Roxy and Gergie have been proud parents to three beautyfully girls!


We have happy news to declare that it is confirmed that Roxy is pregnant with puppies! The new babies will arrive in the beginning of December.


We have a new planned litter between Roxy and George as we earlier have anounced at our planned littersite, now we have added a pic of handsome George that hopefully would be the proud father of the puppies :o)


A lot of things have happened since the last update, Sigrid was second best in open class female at the German Clubmatch, the puppies have moved to their new familys except for "Maia" who stays with us for a while... The kennel have also got a new Champion!! Chevalier Rouge Ianis aka Junior A big congrats to his owner Robban and Jenny for a magnificent work with their boy!


We have added pics of the puppies growing from their fourth weeks to today!

Also two new pics of Ebba in her side.


uppies now allready three weeks old! One more pic of Viwi is also added,


At last, no internet in one long week! New pics of the puppies now two weeks old. Also new pics of Max and Viwi on their own pages.


Sigrid became BOB with CAC and CACIB at Ronneby International dogshow judged by Mrs Nina Carlsdotter. We are very proud of this result becuase Sigrid have been showed at three times only!


Last weekend we were at the Danish Clubmatch with two of the girls, and Sigrid became best bitch openclass! She also became third best bitch totally in show! Roxy was placed fourth best champion bitch so it was a great day for our kennel!          

Late Monday afternoon Ebba became mother to three beautiful babies, one girl and two boys together with Dar og Swagger Jagger!! Sadly this is bad news for all looking forward to a pup in this combintion that we not can satisfied them all with a pup...


Chevalier Rouge Kayla took BOB with CAC and BIG 4 at the National show in Vännäs! Congrats to Camilla and Jörgen for a great work with your lovely girl!                    


We are at last happy to anounce that our Ebba is in pup with Dar og Swagger Jagger! The puppies is expected in the end of june! Som new pics is added of Cassi, Max, and Sigrid in their own sides.


This weekend Our co-owned Chevalier Rouge Jason became Bob in the Swiss Clubmatch! That makes him Suisse Club-Winner 2014! Thank you Enzo and Nicoletta for a FANTASTIC work with him!!!!


All puppies have moved to their new familys! Ebba is also mated with Dar og Swagger Jagger, if everything makes well is puppies expected in the late june!


Lucifer is still looking for a new family! We have added a new site only with pics of him! Of´course we also have added pics of him together with his brother in the puppysite:o))


New pics is added of the puppies, Lucifer is now looking for a new family after changed plans! New pics in the Gallery, Wiwi and Max site. Today also CR Jason became BOS with CAC and CACIB in Parma, Italy. Well done Enzo!!!


To day we got wonderful news from Italy, Jason got A on his hips and free elbows!


We have got pics of the handsome boy Chevalier Rouge Hannibal, thank you Aldo and Anna he looks marvellous and of course thank´s to Valerio where Hannibal lives!


Our first blackmasked Ddb in our kennel Isabella Del Tuculca has left us in deep sorrow! Our thoughts is going to Gunnel who did so much for Isa!

New pics of the puppies is added and one new pic in the puppybuyers own site with Kayla.


Pics of our two fellows Lucifer and Lancelot on "Puppiepage"


Early this morning Max and Sigrid became proud parents to two boys, one blackmasked and one redmasked! Mum and boys is doing fine.


At last we will confirm that Sigrid is with pups! Some new pics of Kassata and Ebba


At last have the snow come to the dogs entusiasm! But it started with snowstorm and coldness from one day to the other. New pics is added here and there...


We whish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas! Three more pics from our puppybuers is also added. 


The site have got a new design!


The pedigree of the "new" planned L-litter is attached in the site.


We are planning a blackmasked HD/ED free combination with Max and Sigrid in the middle of december! This combination is our first with only our bred dogs in the kennel. New pics of Iza, Sigrid, Kassie, Viwi and Max is added in their sites.



New pics is added in our puppybuyers site of "Maja" in Norway, also a fresh pic from the day in Genova that makes Jason Italian Champion!



Chevalier Rouge got a new Junior Champion this weekend!! Our boy that we co-owning with Enzo and Nicoletta at Di al Faree kennel is now Italian Junior Champion!! Congrats to Enzo and Nicoletta for a superb work to get Jason this title!! We have also updated our site from our puppybuyers with two pics of Jewel (Jasons sister) living in Belgium.


We have got sad news from the vet about Ebbas mating with Jagger...she was not pregnant! Next planning litter with Ebba and Jagger is now in the spring 2014...



Today Chevalier Rouge got a new Champion! "Roxy" became second best female in Wäxjö international show today and got her last cac to became a Swedish exterior Champion!!


Ebbas site is updated with some pics from some of her winnings in the showrings 2012-2013



Last weekend Chevalier Rouge Jaques became Slovenien Junior Champion, he is now Hungarian and Slovenien Junior Champion! Congrat´s Ewa for a great job with him! Way to Go! The HP is also updated with new pics of Kassie in her site and pictures in the Gallery! Also new pics at the puppybuyers site, enjoy!



Ebba will be mated with Dar Og Swagger Jagger in the middle of october!  Both winning a lot of succes at the French Clubmatch in Raismes 2013!



Chevalier Rouge have got their first Hungarian Junior Champion with our breeding CR Jaques! Congrats Ewa to your great work with your wonderful boy! Also Jaques brother CR Jason got his first CAC as a junior in Canavese Italy. Congrats to Nicoletta and Enzo!




This weekend we have been at The French Clubmatch, Ebba became Best Champion bitch in Ring d´ Honneur her son Jason that we have in partnership with Enzo and Nicoletta at Maison di al Faree Kennel became 2nd best Junior male in Ring d´ Honneur! A new page it´s uploaded of the Clubmatch in the meny!



We have been to the Danish Clubmatch where Ebba became best Championbitch both days at the show and 4:th best bitch totally in the shows! Max was second best championmale both days. Our Kassata was judged best promising puppy at both of the shows!! The week after we were in the show in Vejen, Denmark with Mr Bas Bosh as judge. Mr Bosh judged that Kassi has a very promising future and gave her the title best puppy of Dogue de Bordeaux in the show!Ebba was placed best Champion bitch and the second best bitch totaly, Max became Best male and also Danish champion, and with this last title Max is also a candidat of the Nordic and International Championtitle!!




After a long restingtime in the updates of the HP we have added a lot of pics in the site! Also of Kassi that we kept from our last litter between Roxy and Ibero! We have also got back Jewel to the kennel for a while before she is moving to her new owner Sophie and Virginie in Belgium! Please enjoy the new updates!




Pics from puppies last week together is added




Pics from the beach with Junior, Isabella and Cinnamon is added in The Gallery (under the paintings)




We have got a visit from Stockholm, Isabella´s brother Junior with his family! Pics will follow later on in the Gallery. Some new pics of the puppies seven weeks old.



We have got wonderfully paintings of Ebba, Max and three of the puppies in this litter from the Danish artist Betina Hanne! Watch the paintings in our gallery side with a link to Betina if you have interest in a painting of your pet.


New pics is also added of the puppies, and they are really growing!   All puppies is unfortunately sold. 



Friday the 15th of march our beloved CR Bonus past away after a short time of sickness, Bonus was 7 years old. Our thoughts are going to Pia who really took good care of our lovely boy!  We have updated the puppie side with new pics, you could also see the puppies who still is available. Two more boys are added with pics from our puppybuyers.




The puppies is now four weeks old (we still got three pups left for sale, one girl and two boys all is blackmasked!)




New pics of the puppies now three weeks old.



The homepage is updated with a lot of new pics, feel free to look around the pages...



Pics of the puppies is added also one pic of Jaques in Hungary in pic´s from puppybuyers


New pics is added, please feel free to look around the pages...



More pics of the pups from 13-02-09



The puppy page is updated with some new pics 



Today Roxy and Ibero became proud parents to 4 girls and 4 boys. 6 was blackmasked and only 2 was redmasked! 




Roxy have less than a couple of days from her big day to become a mother. The father is Ibero vom Grossherzogtum Hessen (if you have missed that)



Today we got the great news that CR Havannah and CR Hercules both got their hips scored A and with free elbows!They are from our litter between Belle-Amie and Bull di al Faree.



It´s now confirmed that Roxy and Ibero are going to be proud parents in the beginning of febrauri! New pics is added on Goliath, Max,Wiwi, Ebba and Sigrid´s side.



To day our co-owning boy Jason became Best Junior in Milan Int.dogshow judged by Mr Bas Bosch!  Thank you Nicoletta and Enzo for your great job with him!


A new side is added! "Our dogs in partnership" Look in the menu.


This weekend Ebba became BOS and Swedish Winner-2012 at Stockholm International dog show! Our co-owned blackmasked male CR Hercules (with Bordeaux Supérieur kennel) became best junior and he also got the title Swedish Junior Winner-2012! Thank you Karin for a great job with him!! CR Genesis was best male in open class. Thank you María and Fredrik for your great job with your lovely boy! The judge was Mr Bas Bosch.


We are planning a new blackmasked litter between Chevalier Rouge Fleur "Roxy" and Ibero vom Grossherzogtum Hessen in late Januari/Februari 2013 see the pedigree of the puppies in planned litters.




Today we were in Växjö dog show with Ebba , Max and also their sister Enya and Ebbas son Junior. Mr Bas Bosch really liked our breeding and gave us full pot!! Ebba BOB and Swedish Champion,Max BOS,Junior got Best Juniormale, and Enya Best Championbitch we also got Best of breedinggroup! His Judgment was : High quality group, surprising me even as one seldom comes across and as extra bonus all this quality is offered in blackmasks! A big credit to the breeder and the owners! At last we were placed 5th best breeding group in Show! What a Day!!! Also a very big thanks to Mikael and Elsie, Robban and Jenny who  made this day come true.














Kristina is making specialmade collars for your loving dog! Check them out on "For Sale". New pics on Wiwi,Cinna, Goliath and Roxy on their own sides.














New pics of Wiwi on her site also on Roxy and Cinnamon, Karin Nelson at Bordeaux Supérieour got only two nice boys left for sale watch them on our For sale site! We have also got nice pics from some of our puppybuyer in Europe














We have the proud news to tell that we have got a new familymember to introduce! Hawaii von der Villa Kunterbunt or "Wiwi" that we will named her. She have now got her own page in "Our dogs" We have also added new pics in the puppybuyers page from Hannibal in Italy and also from Jaques owner in Hungary! Cinnamon have also got a new pic in her side (She is not easy to take a picture off, so enjoy :o)














Bordeaux Supérieur got wonderfully puppies for sale, watch them on our "For sale side"!














To day Jade got a new home at Johansson family in Jönköping. We are wishing them all the best with their new familymember!














Two of our late cancelled pups have got new homes, but still is Jade looking for a new family, she is a very nice and curious little girl now 10 weeks old, see more of her in our For sale site














After a very late cancellation we got three pups, one boy and two girls available for new owners! See them in "For sale"














Yesterday we lost our wonderfully and beloved Belle after a very quick course of sickness, she had got a aggressive form of skeletoncancer! We still can´t understand that she is not with us anymore, only three weeks ago we was in a show with her!!














This weekend Chevalier Rouge Feroze "Ferro" became BOB with CAC and CACIB on the international dog show in Piteå, a huge congrats to his both owner Janne and Kerstin!











We are very proud of every mail of interrests in a puppy of this litter! But all puppies are spoked for, sorry! This weekend we also got a visit from Al Faree kennel and they got the father (Bull) to this litter with them on their visit. We have added more pics of the puppies terrific developement the last weeks!








 Sadly we got a computercrash and our photoprogram was out in order for two weeks  But now it´s okey again! New pics on the puppies from the two last weeks on their own page.






Today Belle-Amie became Norwegian Champion in Drammen, Norway. She was placed second best bitch but get her Cac from the winning bitch who already was NoCh!



 Sadly one of the puppies died a couple of days ago, still we got six healthy puppies left. New pics of the puppies in the puppie site.











Yesterday Ebba got seven lovely puppies! Six was blackmasked (two females and four boys) and one redmasked boy! See more pictures in the puppysite.












Today Chevalier Rouge Feroze got his first Bob and Cac at the show in Piteå! A huge congrat to his owner Janne and Kerstin!














Today Max´son Otto became Swedish Champion! A huge congrat to his owner Karin at Bordeaux Supérieur kennel! We also have the great news that Ebba and Bull di Al Faree is having puppies once again! The puppies are expecting the last week in May. New pics in the gallery and also on Max and Cinnamons own site.











New pics of Iza with the guys in her site, also a few new pics of Ebba in her site. New pics of Alice and also Hannibal in Sicily in our puppybuyers own side!











Chevalier Rouge got holliday in North Italy and visiting kennel Al Faree and kennel Warrior from Lilliput´s. A huge thank´s for all hospitality from Di Leo family on our visit! See the pics in the gallery and also in Ebbas page. New pics also on "Our puppybuyers own side"











 Izabella was best puppy at the Italian Forums show on internet!!Also Belle-Amie got Reserve Best bitch Champion-class and Ebonique got Reserve Best bitch open class!! We are so proud! 











Let us introduce our latest girl in the kennel, Chevalier Rouge Izabella or Iza that we is calling her, she is now having her own site in Our dogs! New pics at Roxy and Sigrid on their sites.        












 A new pic in our puppybuyers own site "Gaius the sledgedog"












New pics is added we have visited the beach in hard weather and the bunch just loved it!! Please be free to look around the HP..











Today we had to decide that our beloved Morgana should be put to sleep. Morgana had got a bad infection in her knee after surgery that the veterinary failed with! We feel a big emptiness with out her in the kennel...








We wan´t to thank for all nice words and huge interrests for our blackmasked Bordeaux´s under 2011! We look forward for 2012...   New pics is added on Gallery.











The last pics of the pups together! From this week the puppies will start their new life with their new familys.












The Puppies site is updated with new pics from the past week














Today our beloved Chevalier Rouge Guinevere "Gullan" has past away after a accident that destroyed her knee. She left us in huge sorrow and emptines only 16 month old...










The puppies is growing like weed! New pics in their page!   












New pictures of the puppies now four and half weeks old














New pics in our puppybuyers side, and a new pic of Gullan,Sigrid and Roxy on their own side














New pictures is added in the Gallery














New pics on the puppies and some new pics of Sunny and Sigrid in the Gallery














This night Ebba got 10 blackmasked babies! 4 girls and 6 boys mum and babies is doing just fine. New pics is coming soon...














This weekend Chevalier Rouge Edith "Enya" became Finnish Champion! Congrats to her owner Elsie and Mikael for a great work with her!!














Havannah have got her own site! Some pics of her sibblings in the gallery














At last we got the program in our computer to answering for update our HP!! We have been at two shows with Max, one at the Dutch clubmatch and one at the French clubmatch. Max got Excellent on both shows and was placed around 5-10th best male Championclass with big competition from other males!Some pics from the French clubmatch is in the Gallery.(A hugh big thanks to all of our old and new  Bordeauxfriends who make this journey to a pleasure for us to be a part of!) Ebba is now like a big house in size and the puppies is coming very soon we think. 














We have great news that Ebba is pregnant and her puppies is expected around the last week in september! Also Hamlet is now sold to a family in Västerås.














The puppies is now 9 weeks old and it´s time to move to their new familys, Hamlet is not sold and Sunshine will stay at our home until april in quarantine before she is moving to her new family. New pics of the pups (the last time together)














New pics of the puppies now 7 weeks old and fullspeed all the time (phuu!) We still have two wonderfully redmasked boys for sale.














New pics of the pups and still is Hannibal looking for a new family!














We have mated Ebonique (Ebba) once again with the handsome male  







MultiChampion Bull di al Faree! If everything is going well we are expecting a blackmasked/blackmasked combination in the late of September!














New pics of the puppies now three weeks old, six of them is left but all is strong and healthy!














Some new pics of Ebba,Roxy,Goliath, Max and Gullan














New pics of the puppies, and sadly two more puppies has died from us...














Sadly one boy has past away from us this morning...














Pics of the happy mother with her pups on the puppysite










The puppies has arrived after a looong day and night, mother and pups is doing just fine! 












New pics of Max, Ebba, Morgy and Goliath and in the gallery














This weekend Chevalier Rouge Espresso became







2nd best champion male twice, and Ebonique 3rd/1st







best bitch open class in Danish Ddb Clubmatch during







saturday and sunday,judged by Jesus Pardo Sanchez







and Anne-Marie Class!







Also "Max" daughter "Hilda" became BOB in the show in







Vänersborg. What a weekend!!!







A new pic is added in our puppybuyers site with French Ditchdog














Check out our planned litter site! Belle and Bull... 














Last week SeUch Chevalier Rouge Belle-Amie became BOB with CACIB in Hässleholm and this weekend Chevalier Rouge Genesis became BOB with CAC in Österbybruk only 11 month old! A big congrat to his owner Maria for a great succes!














New pictures is added from a happy day on the Barsebäck







beach with Max and his son Goliath, also new pictures







from our puppybuyer in their own site.














New pics is added in the gallery from our visit at Shadow







of Oak last weekend














New pics of the dogs in the Swedish spring







And to our puppyinterested, we are still waiting for Belle 







to go in heat!! But soon...












New pics of the Max, Goliath and Roxy at the beach








Vito and Bonus have moved to their new familys








Our beloved Rozeldogue Essential "Essie" has today left us in a hearth disease.




We can not still understand that she is not with us anymore...








A new site is added "Our puppybuyers own pictures"








Some new pics is added, please look around...




Thank you Sanna for your beautiful pics of Gullan and Roxy








Sadly Ebba lost her puppies from her mating with Bull.




Instead we have decided to mate Belle-Amie in her next




heat in mars/april with Bull.








Today Max became best male with CERT and Cacib in Bo/




Telemark, Norway now he is also Norwegian Champion!!








We were visiting Warrior from Lilliput Bulldogs in Italy have a look in the Gallery and also follow the link to their home








New pics of Rozeldogue Essential,Goliath and Guinevere








New pics in the gallery, and some of our dogs own site it´s updated! We wish all of our visitors a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year 2011!!









Some new snowpics again...








Some new pics of the dogs in the snow on their own sides








At last we have the perfect match to Ebba for our planned litter in the spring -11. The male will be the handsome blackmasked Bull de al Faree from the Italian kennel De la Maison de al Faree, Thank you Enzo to let us use this wonderful male (and of´course Merete and Klaus who is having him in their kennel at the time).








Amos is remowed from breeding from his owner because of reproducing problems!!




But we have other males in our mind for Ebba.




More news is coming up soon on "planned litter"








News under planned litters








Some new pics of Goliath








Goliath and Guinevere got their own site




and some other updates...








All puppies have got new homes








Today Chevalier Rouge Belle-Amie became BOB with Ck and CACIB, her daughter CR Filipa became BOB puppy in Sofiero




Congrats to Filipa´s owner Sara at Belburgos kennel for a great work with her!








We have got visit this weekend from the photographer




Sanna, now we have some new pics of the pups and Vito also new pics of Max and Belle on the Champion! Thank you Sanna for all those wonderfully pictures!








Some new pics of the pups now eight weeks old (sorry, but our computer have crasched and now we have to learn how to use  the new computer for updates!)








This weekend our kennel got two more champions in the show at Gotland! Max got two Bob with Cac and Cacib and Belle got two Bos with Cac and Cacib! Max offspring female pup Bordeaux Supérieur Kelly was winning BOB pup in Västkustvalpen in Gothenbourg last week, congrats to the breeder Karin!








Chevalier Rouge Edith aka Enya became SE Champion today in Norrköping, congrats to the owner Elsie and Mikael! Guess that we are so proud! This kennel´s first own Champ!!!




Our Champions is added the HP!




Today Ebba became a true hunter! She lay down her first rabbit and eat it up!!




Check it up on her own side.








We have got a cancellation of one of the blackmasked males! That means that one is still available!




New pics of the blackmasked puppies, now five weeks old is added








More pictures of puppies is added, also the pups new names!




The new cavalier to Ebonique´s planned litter is also Hipscored with A and also Elbow free!! More information is coming up soon...








Today Chevalier Rouge Edith aka Enya got her second CAC and 2nd best bitch in Norje -Boke! Congrats to her owner Elsie and Mikael!!




New pictures of puppies 4 weeks old




A new blackmasked litter is planned!








Nytt nummer av HUNDIA ute, klicka in på våra länkar och sen på länken




HUNDIA. Ha en trevlig läsning!








New pictures of puppies ,now three weeks old.




We still got three redmasked boys left looking for new familys!




New pictures also on Ebba, Fleur, Belle, and Bonus on their own sites








New pics of Puppies now two weeks old








New pics of puppies now one week old




Last weekend Chevalier Rouge Fuiji  alias "Zeke" was on his first show in Halstahammar, he got his first BoB puppy and 2nd best puppy in the show with a honoraryprice! Well done Alex for a god showing in the ring!!








Some pictures of the puppies is now updated in their side








The puppies have arrived this morning, two blackmasked girls, three blackmasked and three redmasked boys. Pictures of them is coming up soon.




New pictures from the "poolparty" is added in the gallery








We have got over 10.000 unique visitors since 2010/21/03 when we introduced our new look on our HP!! Hope you all enjoyed your visit and welcome back.








Last weekend was Max shown on the World dog show in Denmark where he got Excellent!




Some new pictures is added on Vito and Essie in their site








Some pics of Vito on the beach (last year) is added in his site








Today we got fantastic news that Ebba got A on her hips and free elbows








Today in Norrköping at the International Show Ebba became BOB with CK,CAC, and CACIB. Her brother Max became BOS also with CK,CAC and CACIB. Their sister Enya became second best bitch with an CK after her sister Ebba! Thank you Mr Bas Bosch for the great critiks we got for those three sibblings!!




Some new pics of Roxy and Belle on their sides








We are expecting puppies! Check out "Planned litters"








Some "new" pictures of Morgana and Belle on their side, one new pic is added of Jerivindi Jaffa in Gallery








Chevalier Rouge Edith aka Enya has today on the show in Hässleholm got her




first CAC and Reserve CACIB with the second best femaleplace in the show! Congrats to her owner Elsie and Mikael for a great job with her, we are so proud!!!




We have got some new pics of Max, Ebba and Enyas father Jerivindi Jaffa from his owner and breeder Beverley and Lesley Graham, England. Watch him temporary in the meny of News.








Charlie has got a new home








New pictures of Fleur on her own side, look also at her meeting with Charlie




after 2 weeks separation on Gallery




Chevalier Rouge Flannan "Charlie" has coming back to us!




He is looking for a new owner!








Chevalier Rouge Faustino has got a new home.









New pictures of Fleur on her side.






Max has got puppies at Bordeaux Superieur´s kennel



Chevalier Rouge Fuiji "Zeke" have got his own site check out our links!




We are looking for a co-owner to Chevalier Rouge Faustino please visit our side "For Sale"




Chevalier Rouge Fleur have got her own side!








All puppies have now left us for their new familys!








The pups have started the travel to their new homes.




The green male is now also avaiable to a new home!








New pics of the puppies, Vito,Ebba and Max on their own sites!




Thank you Sanna for these beautyful pictures you gave us!








New page added, check out in the meny "for sale"








New pictures of the puppies is added on the puppiesite








We have only one boy avaiable!








Two new pictures of Belle with her puppies walking in the garden in the puppiesite








New pics of the puppies/and which boy who is still avaiable




New pics of Essie playing with the pups on her site








New pics of the puppies on their site.




We have only two boys left for sale!








New pics of Ebba and Max on their site, one new pic in the gallery "three dogs with stick"








New pics of the puppies 5 weeks old in the puppies site.




Interrested in a pup? We have only 3 boys left for sale!




3 new pics is added on Vitos site.






New pics of the puppies 4 1/2 weeks old in puppies site.



New pics of Max and Ebba is added on their site.








Länk till Hundia Magazine inlagd under Länkar.






One more side with photos is added in puppies site.







Belburgo´s Navarro is added on the puppies site with a own side.




Puppies pedigree is added on the puppies site.








Gallerypages is added.








Look at Essies commercial for Olivers petfood on her site.




Some new pictures at the puppies on their site!






The site have a new design!